Meaning farm in Cuba, or delicious street food in Liverpool

If you've seen the film Chef, you'll know what a Cubano is. If not, you should probably watch it, and then grab one of these hearty sandwiches from the lads at Finca. Starting off in a small hut in the Baltic Triangle Gin Garden, Finca moved to The Merchant and are now taking Cuban street food on the road to various pop-ups around the country. They're an exciting and ambitious client to work with; and alongside my friend Simon Farmer, we've been fortunate enough to be involved in the design and branding along the way.

Initial Logo Ideas

Being a communist country, design and 'branding' in Cuba often takes on a hand-made aesthetic; particularly in the Paladar restaurants set up in people's homes. We wanted to capture this in the logo, as well as taking inspiration from the old fashioned houses and cars seen in Havana. With this in mind we explored a range of colourful and bold logos that conveyed the same rough, homemade feel.

Final Logo

Menu Illustrations

With Cuban street food being a new offering in the UK, some customers weren't sure what they were getting when ordering Bunuelos (they're delicious Cuban donuts with a gooey centre, incase you're wondering).

To help fire up their imagination we illustrated each dish alongside the description on the menu.