Venture Britain

Getting tourists to explore beyond London

A while back, I designed a brand and website for Interrail trip organisers, Euroventure. They were a great client to work with and the brand and website turned out to be very successful. So successful, in fact, that they approached us about creating a sub-brand, aimed at tourists looking to travel around the UK by train.

Whereas the Euroventure brand took on a vibrant, exciting and adventurous feel to capture a younger audience; Venture Britain targeted an older, more affluent market looking for a trustworthy and experienced travel company. A key challenge outlined in the discovery meeting was persuading potential customers to venture beyond London. With this in mind, I created an intuitive, fully customisable booking system that encouraged exploration.


Logo Design

I was asked to create a logo that showed a clear link to the Euroventure brand, but spoke to an older, more sophisticated target audience; and could hold its own against modern travel companies. A slick logomark was created that combined the two letters in a shape inspired by the front of a modern train.

The colour palette chosen for VentureBrtiain was intended to give a more calming, safe and digital feel to the Union Jack colours; reassuring those who are booking from overseas. Sky blue and green have been added to represent the British countryside, and get people thinking outside of London.


User Experience

To create the BritPass booking system that allowed users to fully plan/customise their trip, a lot of planning, research and experimentation was required. Mobile has overtaken desktop in domestic browsing over the past few years, so I focussed on a mobile-outwards responsive design.


venture britain animationventure britain animation